Rotary Test and Jog Distance do not match

So i’m trying to set up and use my cloudray style roller rotary for the first time. Used gear ratio x diameter ratio x steps/rev to calculate my steps per revolution. Hit the test button and perfection…full rotation and back.
However, when I exit the rotary setup dialogue box and jog the rotary (y axis) the same distance calculated for the circumference, it overshoots. Tried drawing rectangle with the height the same as the circumference and same result. Opened the rotary setup dialogue again and hit test and once again perfection.
Any idea why my size is off once I exit the rotary setup?

Full rotation of the roller or of the object? You want the Test button to give you one full rotation of the roller for a roller rotary.

Ah! That makes sense. I think i got it…so the idea is to make the roller make a complete rotation and then adjust for each different cylinder by adjusting the height of the box to match the circumference.

Correct - The job itself would need to have a Y height set to match the circumference of the object if you were trying to do a full wrap, but otherwise you shouldn’t need to pay much attention to that.

Hi Oz can you explain how to do this it might help me sort my problem

Which “this” are you referring to? If you mean setting the project height to match the rotary object, in the rotary setup screen it tells you the circumference of the object based on the diameter (or you can just measure it with a tape measure). Then you select your file shapes and set the height to match that circumference. You would only do that if you’re trying to do a full wrap around a cylinder.

You have described what problem it is that you’re trying to solve though, so I have no idea if this will help.

Hi Oz i am working on an item which is 393 in cer and have an issue with distance posted here Rotary is miles out

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