Rubber stamp design


I am trying to figure out how to make a rubber stamp in LightBurn. I have the orange sheet from Amazon, I have the cut settings down and the depth of plowout to raise the text above the bottom. I mirrored the image but I cannot figure out what I have to do to not have the text engraved or plowed out. I tried selecting the text and pushing it forward with no help there. Also tried inverting the selection. Everything I have tried to this point is not protecting the text.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Show us some images of how you have set up the art in your workspace, showing the Cuts / Layers window as well.

If you put a shape (a rectangle for instance) around your design and on the same layer it will ‘invert’ what gets lasered away.


Thank you very much. Worked well. You saved me from a couple of more hours of pulling out what little hair I have left.


You’re welcome, glad I could help.


Thank you for the information.


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