Ruida 6332, not executing jobs

Can you post a screenshot showing your entire Lightburn screen including what design you are sending and the Layers and laser tabs?

Machine acting same way on different jobs. And that is not depending on parameters at all.

Same misbehave for both using LightBurn or RDWorks.

Upload a file you’re having trouble with.

Misbehave is same on different files. From simple line to complex drawings.
Can’t figure out- is it machine parameter discrepancy or controller fault.

Well since you won’t give any more info. I’d create a simple fill/engrave project that works. After trying it out change the layer to line and run it again to see if it errors. Unless you can’t run any projects. You seem to be posting on a couple different threads saying you have the same problem.

This would indicate an issue with the hardware itself. You may have a bad controller. I suggest you reach back to your supplier for a complete troubleshooting guide to help determine this. :slight_smile:

This was the issue, a bad controller module, in the other post where you commented.

I hope the following documents can solve your problem, please refer to

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