Ruida CN1 - STATUS - Only gives 24v during job. Need constant while laser on

I’m working on wiring up a solid state relay for my CW3000 fan and air solinoid #1 to turn on when the laser turns on.

I was going to use CN1 - STATUS Pins and 24v CN1 to energize these, but they CN1 Status only energizes during a job, when the laser is on but not running a job , It doesnt work.

Anything I can change in controller settings?

Alternatively , I thought maybe I could use CN1 -" OUT 1 " but that stops putting out 24v when a job starts.


You should have a 24v power supply that powers the stepper motors that are always on when the laser has power to it. Or you can put a separate 24v power supply 120 v to 24v wired up to the main power switch so when the power is on you will have a clean 24v for your relay.
I bought all mine from automation direct.

Yah, I guess I could just tap off any pin that is constant closed while the laser is on, I was just under the impression CN1 Status was my go to for this application.

Also - Cn1 STATUS seems to stay closed for a while after a laser complets a job. It’s been a few minutes and im still monitoring, but anybody know if there is a time delay until off? or will just now stay on?

Status goes active (sinks current) anytime the machine is in run mode.

Depends on what is meant by the laser is on

If you want it powered up along with the controller, then just run it to the 24V supply that goes to the Ruida… leave the controller out of it… That should be pretty simple.

I use solid state relays for many reasons, besides dependability and simplicity. If you chose one of these, take into consideration the possibility that a heat sink might be required on the device, based on what kind of current you are switching.

Good luck


That’s what I decided and am wiring up now, Im grabbing my 24v constant on with the laser off the power supply to power a solid state relay to turn my cw3000 chiller on when the laser is powered on.

CW3000 looks like it pulls 0.45 amps… Think I need to mount it to a heat sink or can I just mount it to the laser cabinet?

And yes, I’ve noticed that CN1 STATUS only comes on when the laser initially goes in to RUN mode, but then it stays on… for what seems like indefinitely , does it ever shut off with a time delay or will it stay on until I power down laser?

Everything I find online points to that CN1 STATUS should turn off when the Run job is complete, yet mine stays on until laser is powered down.

Mine draws about refrigerated chiller draws about 7 amp when it’s chilling…

I mounted mine on the bottom of the electronics case with some thermal paste. I ran the factory fan/compressor from it and it never go warm… I doubt at that low current you will have an issue…

If you mount it like mine, you can feel the underside of the case to see it it’s getting warm.

I used this one from Amazon.

Have fun…