Stack Lights on a Ruida 6442G

A while back I posted this concerning outputs 1 & 2 on the Ruida RDC6442G controller.

On the RDC6442G, output 1 turns on after the machine has homed and returns to its starting point. It is almost the inverse of the status output, but not quite. As soon as a job starts output 1 turns off (status turns on). If the job is paused, the output 1 turns on (status stays on). When the job is continued output 1 turns off (status stays on). When the job completes output 1 turns on and status turns off.

Not sure what anyone could do with this!

I hope you can find a way to utilize these outputs. Otherwise they are pretty much useless.

A three tier stacklight with audible alarm makes good use of these!

Looking at the descriptions of how the outputs work above, I connected the green light to “output 1”(Laser Ready), the yellow light to “status” (Job running), and the red light and audible alarm to “output 2” (Fault/Water Protect). When a job is paused from the keypad, the green and yellow lights are on.

Some good useful information from a distance away and less than $25.



Stack lights are the best. Everything in life needs a stack light.

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