Ruida controller and golden laser

Has any one been able to switch the controller on a Golden Laser GX or GXL model to a Ruida controller so they can use Lightburn software ? The original controller runs off Windows XP and I would like to use Windows 10.

Without knowing what a Golden Laser GX is, I would say, grab a manual for what ever Ruida you are considering and see if you can identify all the connections you need. If you have the wiring diagram for your laser you should be able to sort things out.

If you mean Wuhan Golden Laser GX/GXL, they’re fibre lasers, aren’t they? Last time I was at the CCMT fair, they only had fibre machines on offer,. but that was in 2018.

The Ruida controllers compatible with LB are CO2-only models.

Thanks for the quick reply Joel.

It’s a freinds laser and they have no info on it at all. Actually they have 2 GX models and 1 GXL model. They use them for their business. I was hoping for something that would be a quick Changeout, if someone had done 1 already.

I have not had any luck finding much info about Golden Lasers on the internet.

Thanks for your help.


There is always contacting Ruida and asking if they support it somehow.

Hello Bo
No they are not fiber laser but are a co2 laser. I think they are probably 10 to 12 years old. They do not have a glass tube but a cartridge I beleive.

Thats a good idea Dave. Thanks for the suggestion.

Aha. OK, so they are probably using an RF laser module.

Well, that’s possible. The laser module will have identification of the type and make, that’s a good place to start.

Essentially any laser engraver/cutter is a CNC machine moving a bunch of mirrors around - the CNC is the same, regardless of what kind of machine, but triggering the beam and controlling the power is where they differ.

If you can get some decent photos of the existing controller and one of the laser modules, I can probably work it out.

Ruida RDC644(xx) controllers work with RF and DC (glass) lasers, so the initial answer is a qualified ‘yes’.

Even if you end up needing to change out the drivers as well as the controller, it would still be a worthwhile upgrade, given how reliable and long-lived RF laser modules are.

Depending on your level of comfort with tech, it’s not a difficult job, but you need to be systematic and careful, especially with the electrical side of things.

I’ve done a number of controller replacements of industrial lasers, upgrading older UK/European/US RF machines to modern DSP controllers is a relatively common request.

I start at the controller and build a wiring diagram, detailed with location (block/pin number), cable colour, etc. - use a spreadsheet - then work out the relative pins on the replacement controller. check for special connectors, etc. that you may have to source, although the Ruida are pretty much all screw connectors, the other end might need replacing if you need to extend cable length.

When you are confident you have all the wiring sorted, draw up the replacement controller with all the pins broken out into colour, etc. and strip out the old one. I use velcro cable wraps to hold clusters of cables into logical groups - x-axis, y-axis, z-axis steppers/drivers, power, signal (end stops, etc.).

You will need to change the control panel, so you need a plan for that.

Start with connecting the CNC components - power, axes, end stops, and get them working first.

You may need to add or change power supply, depending on how your GX is set up. I prefer to go for multiple discreet PSUs for function - my controller runs 24V, my steppers 40V, there’s a 5V supply for accessories like LEDs, etc. and some machines use 12V for proximity sensors.

Some RF machines use a combination PSU, to drive the CNC and laser and controller from one box - you will need to decide your approach based on what you have.

If you are keen to progress, let me know and I can help. If it seems daunting, its easier than replacing your house wiring :slight_smile:

If you’ve built a 3D printer, you have the necessary skills, already.

Wow! Thanks for the help Bo. It sounds like you know quite a bit about lasers. I am just learning and appreciate any help you could give. It may take me a day or 2 to get some pictures and info. But I will send them to you when I get them.
Thanks again

It is/used to be my job.

Now I’m semi-retired and hardly ever see anyone elses machine.

The two other laser engravers in town are so scared I will steal their ideas, they pay some guy $170/hour to do their maintenance for them. He’s that good, that one of them recently sold off a machine, rather than have me look at it, after their wonderkind couldn’t fix it.

Funny thing is, the only idea stealing has been them nicking mine. I guess they assume everyone is as lacking in character as they are :innocent:

I have never built a cnc printer. But I have managed to build 2 cnc routers. 1 with servo drives and 1 with steppers.
I also wired 3 houses and built a rotary phase converter.
My freinds may nor want to do anything until they are completly broke though. They have a total of 5 lasers and they run them pretty much 8 hours a day.


You got it. It will be just as straightforward as your CNC, and much easier than your house :slight_smile:

Just as an indication, removal/replacement - 1 8-hour day, fettling, 3-4 hours.

The big job is the planning, which won’t interrupt their work, much.

Ok, I will check with them and see what they think.I appreciate you help. Might I ask where your home is ? With your greeting of Bonjour I am curious.
I live in North Carolina, USA


Rural New Zealand. Only been here a year, though.

Was in Asia and Europe for thirty years before that, NZ is where I started/went to uni.

I have friends in the yacht business in NC - they originally worked on yacht deliveries from NZ/Australia to the US, then one day ended up in NC and have stayed.

I’ve been to a lot of the US (worked for lots of US corporates), but never NC - a good friend lives in Charlotte, but he’s moving back to Europe.

Well it is great to met you.

It sounds like you have had a very interesting life traveling the world like that.
Myself I am an old hippie that hitch hiked alot of the east coast. I have done migrant work, butcher, garbage truck. Ran my own machine shop for 30 years. I guess you could say I am retired sort of.
Charlotte is about 35 miles south of where I live. I have been in the same house for almost 40 years.

Have a good night

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Russ just did some videos where he converted a CO2 to an RF. You could probably gain a lot from his Tangerine Tiger series.

I will check them out , thanks

My apologies to all. I had given the wrong information in my first post when i asked for help. The machine is not a Golden Laser. It is a Laserpro Spirit GX.

Completely different kettle of fish - GCC is VERY good gear.

They have advanced servo/driver CNC systems - over 2000mm/sec engraving performance.

But… you should be able to use Sure Cuts A Lot 5 (SCAL5) for Windows 64 bit or Mac. Not bad software, if you ask me. Should run on Windows 7/8/10 with no issues at all.

Sounds like they have a very old version.

Bonjour my friend
Yes their machines are pretty old 2010 or 2011 models. They love the machines but are not happy with the original software to run it. They are still using Windows XP. They said they loaded new drivers for Windows 10 but could not get them to work. They do all their design work in coreldraw and export it to the machines. They are having troubles finding XP models when they crash .
Thats why I was thinking of replacing with Ruida controller. But I can not even find what controller the original is, I thought it might come from Jorlink but not sure.
Do you know if the Sue Cuts a Lot 5 with the older version they are using ? Or would they have to upgrade the machine and drivers somehow first?