Ruida controller stuck on 10000mm for x and y axis

Managed to fix one issue.

  1. Asked manufacturer for user and vendor parameters.
  2. True RdWorks vendor settings enabled with password RD8888 i updated (write) both parameters, the user parameters was the ones i had issues with.
    Tadaaaa, fixed.

Now only thing left is to figure out what’s wrong with my blower ! its always on, no matter what i do. I think its the Relay!

Can you give me exact process please! I believe I did that…
So using RDworks, vendor settings(RD8888), read settings then write new ones? Then turn off machine and back on?

This is all through RDworks correct? You didn’t have to use keypad on machine?

Did not have to use machine!
All true RDworks, i mainly use Lightburn but for some reason Lightburn don’t work with this.


  • Got user and vendor parameters
  • Open and connect machine to rdworks
  • For User settings —> Go RDworks → Right side under User tab → Scroll down(its hidden for me under(laser work window)) → Read → Open (your obtained user settings) → Write !!!
  • For Vendor settings —> Go File → Vendor settings → Password (RD8888) or look up for password for your controller → Read, Open ( choose obtained vendor parameters) , Write

*For keypad working opposite i did the following!
–In same vendor settings change <Dir. Polarity> from positive to negative (in my case) for X and Y axis. → Write!

Hope this helps. Your manufacturer should always have these settings.

Thank you! Forgive me, One last question… did your vendor send you settings in the form of a file. Or did you ‘read’ then manually change settings then ‘write’? Reason I ask is my vendor sent me screen shots of settings but no file
Thanks again!


can you send me files?

Still unable to find .rdvset and rduset files for backing up vendor and user parameters. Waiting to hear back from om tech

Have you been to RDWorkslab and asked around there? They have rdvset files for a few different machines.

Yes, The FAQ section was suggested but havent found any files for my 6442g controller yet. Hopefully, om tech will get back to me tomorrow but I’m still looking. Pretty sure my problems all began when I entered cc8888 in the reset factory parameters.

Got it fixed! om tech sent me the vendor settings file and all is normal. After comparing the settings on file and what I had there were only 2 differences…

  1. Step length on new file was 32.02245 (I had step length at 3.25)
  2. PMW rising edge was checked for x axis only on file (I had it unchecked)

I had PMW rising edge unchecked because I had a previous problem with stitching holes getting off line on long cuts. Not sure why but unchecking this fixed my problem at the time.
In the end, I believe the step length was my issue?

Thanks for all the help from everyone!!

Just read your post. I had the same issue, turned out to be a loose connector on the laser. When the laser “pulled” the wiring cable, it disconnected one pin, threw a spike back & caused the machine to bang & skip, then it would re-connect.
Had to use silicone to glue it in place.

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