Ruida controller stuck on 10000mm for x and y axis

Hello, I’ve seen only a few post with this issue but no solutions…
My settings in lightburn are correct. I can “read” setting ms from machine and they are correct. I can “write” to machine and I get prompt “write was successful”. Problem is that the keypad on machine still reads 10000mm for x and y no matter what I do? When I turn machine on it bangs on side (trying to get to home on 10000mm work area).
I’m still working with company I purchased machine but no luck so far. I have the correct settings saved to file but can’t seem to get them to machine/controller. Odd thing is that as soon as I turn machine on, I can go to settings, read controller and it reads correct settings. However, keypad on machine still reading 10000mm for x and y axis.
From what I’ve read on forums/online, seems that maybe factory settings were reset and the default is the 10000 for x and y. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Thank you!!

Lightburn has correct settings, just keeps showing the 10000 on keypad. Lightburn also shows correct work area (600mm by 400mm).
It’s a 55w co2 laser

Your machine is not homing. 10000mm is the default coordinate for X and Y before homing is executed. Do you have homing switches on your machine? If so, you need to enable homing appropriately to the switch locations.

Can you tell me how to do that? Machine is 55w from OM Tech.
Thanks you!!

Please see question.

varHomingSwitches = true,



Jeff asked if your machine has limit switches and if so, where they are.
We believe your machine thinks there are limit switches but you have it set up wrong.

So please look inside your machine and look up the limit switches and tell us where they are.

Does have limit switches. My current setting for both x and y are ‘enabled homing’ true. Limit trigger is off on both x and y

and when you switch your machine on what does it do, where does the laser head go to?

Please look at my pictures. There are several settings you need to have enabled for this to work and these settings have all been illustrated to you. And please be more informative in your responses.

Enable Reset (as you pictured) is one area that allows the reset button on the control panel to reset the axis, but you must also go in to the controller and check the reset parameters. This is what controls the power-on homing.

laser head is in far right corner before turning machine on and stays in far right corner trying to go even further right. Regarding directions above, I do not have “user settings” or “manufacture settings”. below is image of my key pad.

In lightburn, I have home enabled on both axis and limit trigger is not enabled on both. should I enable limit trigger on both?

This is not a limit switch:


Here you can see magnetic limit switches on my X and Y axes (others may have mechanical type):

These look to be your limit switches. X on the upper right / Y on the Left of the gantry:

On a 6442 Ruida Controller, you will need to navigate to User Parameters to access Reset Parameters.

If after you enable homing, your machine is not heading to the proper corner (which from your pictures appears to be the Top, Left), then you will need to reverse the Direction Polarity appropriately for the axis or possibly both axes. And then if at anytime your keypad on the panel is opposite of what it should be logically, then you can Invert the Keypad Direction.

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limit switches are on back right of y axis and left on x axis. SORRY but I don’t have “user parameters”

You do, but you will need to dig into a manual. If you need your controller’s manual, please find it here.

Page 48

ok, I believe user parameters are under ‘set factory parameters’. RD8888 password does not work. user manual gives password of 123456 and that does not work either.

Mike, have you tried the search feature? That should get you to the answer.

CC8888 password successful for “factory parameters” hit enter and back to home screen. Can’t find user parameters.

if the origin has been set wrong it wont home right either,
should be left back in this case.