Ruida from Topwisdom

I currently have a Topwisdom controller. I’d like to swap that out for a Ruida. Can someone tell me what exactly I need to look for. I have a black and red 100 watt Chinese laser.

Why? What do you think you’ll achieve with the swap?

My Topwisdom doesn’t seem to work well with Lightburn. I cannot set the origin correctly. I was told Ruida controller would be better.

What is the process you are trying to accomplish? Tell us what you are trying to do and how you tried to do it, and we may be able to offer some suggestions. Saying, “…doesn’t seem to work well”, tells us something, but not a lot of detail to work from, so if you can offer a bit more, we might have a solution that will work for you.

Say I set my origin for the center and I want to track the path, once it has finished tracking , it stops at the top right corner and does not return to the center. When I press start, it uses that top right where it stopped as the origin and doesn’t start the job in the correct spot. It’s like the top right corner is now the center origin.

The Ruida controllers are ‘better’ than Topwisdom in a number of areas, but you have a fault. Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’re not able to diagnose and remedy that fault on a TW, what makes you think you can do so on a different controller?

Unless you have a faulty controller, replacing it just moves your problem from one place to another - TW to Ruida.

You actually nailed the problem, and solution: “ I cannot set the origin correctly”

The problem is more likely perception than a physical fault requiring a replacement controller.

There are a bunch of origins you need to be aware of - the most important is to set the machine origin in LB 5o match the machine origin on your laser.

When your laser homes, where does it end up? Mine goes to the back/right corner. That’s the 0,0 point everything I do is based on. This is set in the machine definition and you can check it via the machine selector in the ‘laser” panel.

Then there’s the job origin… (contd. going to go to the computer and get off the ipad)

Origin has been a HUGE issue for me from the very beginning. Oz has tried to help me out as well as a couple others. Setting the origin has never been successful so maybe it is a faulty controller. I’ve had someone facetime me as well and troubleshoot with me and we’ve never gotten it to work right. I was hoping upgrading to Ruida would solve the problem.

In that case, anything I tell you you have probably already tried.

Does it work properly with your supplied software you got with the laser?

yes, I have Autolaser and it works correctly. I just prefer Lightburn.

So there’s no problem with your controller - its a configuration problem with LB.

Right. So I’m hoping upgrading to Ruida may help solve my problem.

The question now is- which Ruida do I need??? Any suggestions on that?

It is a bug that LightBurn has been working to resolve.

Did not see your response to the last in this thread.

Have you participated in this? What version of LightBurn are you running currently?

I would love to test it but I just had to order a new tube. The cold temps busted mine even after adding antifreeze. If you need another tester next week, I’d be happy to help.

Thank you all for the info. I will wait to order a Ruida controller after we see if the fix works.

I went from the 403 to the Ruida 6445G about a year ago and never looked back. I had to ‘shift’ the connections on two connectors, the ground was at the other end. If you get the 6445G with the larger display you will have to cut the hole in your machine out to accommodate the display. If you go with the controller with the smaller display, it will drop right in.

Browse through Matt’s videos. He did one specifically on the TP to Ruida change along with most of the settings.

Thanks Dave! I appreciate that. I’ll look into it.

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