Ruida IO setup help

I just got my machine moved over from the stock controller to a Ruida. The ruida has some ins and outs. I would like for when in1 gets triggered, out1 sends a signal. Is that possible?

Is it possible to disable the water protection as well? My water protection is handled at the laser power source.

The out1 and out2 are done in firmware as far as I know. They are generally used for the light tree that shows job status… The book says don’t use them, but people do… peruse this link…

I assume it’s wired to the P input of the lps?

If that is so, then I’d suggest you connect it properly via the Ruida. You want the Ruida to determine if there is an error and halt. The Ruida will not allow it to lase if there is an error condition, such as water or door open.

Your setup, if I’m correct about the wp, will only stop the lps from lasing the tube. The Ruida will have no clue that there is a fault in the coolant and continue to execute the layer. This usually results in a lost job/material.

The advantage of letting the controller control the machine is that a failure of the coolant will be seen by the Ruida and it will completely halt the job, no laser, no motor movement… when you fix the issue, the Ruida will allow you to continue where you left off…

Do it the right way and wire your water protect into the Ruida and let it handle this…

Edit → Machine Settings

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@jkwilborn That is brilliant! I was just thinking about saving the laser tube. By moving the water protect to the controller, I could in theory, pick up where I left off. There have been many occasions where a restart would have saved a lot of material. I think I will move my switch to control the relay directly and then move the water protect from the laster power box up to (or in tandem) the ruida controller. Thanks again

Use the controller for what it’s designed for… don’t complicate things with any kind of tandem connections… This stuff has been around a couple of decades, so most of this has either been well thought out or experienced and corrected…

When you build things it’s beneficial to keep the KISS principle in mind.

Absolutely, I’ve had a coolant failure during a job and it will allow you to just continue once you fix the fault…

You’ll find that the Ruida will also recover from a power fail, when power returns it will give you the option of continuing the job where it left off … … been there, done this… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

We are here if you need us or have questions…

Good luck


Thanks for all the info and support! Speaking of decades, I wound up here as part up upgrading my ten year old machine. Lightburn and the new controller are miles ahead from where I started. I am very excited to the machine up and running again. The stack light link added a lot of clarity on how the ins and outs work. My milling machine runs Mach4 and in that you can set in and out directions and functionality. I was thinking the Ruidia worked the same way. I am hoping I can get it up and running today after a little rewiring and a deep look at the laser settings.

I’m not that failure with the Mach3 boards, but the dsp controllers work more like hardware. When you do an image, it computes the overscan in hardware, they tell me… I don’t know if Mach3 does that as most data streams for grbl seem to end up being streamed to the device as it executes… the Ruida requires the whole file to be loaded to operate.

Ruida (any dsp type) are kind of a different animal than most of the non commercial controllers we find in hobby type controllers.

Since they are Chinese they take some getting used to…

Good luck


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