Ruida network connection

I have Laser machine chinese with Ruida 6442 controller, i have configured the connection with network and sending to machine work, but in the machine settings a message “communication with the controller failed” and no parameter are visualized.
I tried again now and it works, maybe I tried to read the parameters while running a job.

I don’t know if this is the right section, but yesterday, during a job, a message “inclin frame press esc or enter to continue” appeared on the controller display, pressing enter the job starts but towards the end it stops with a message “extend space”.
I read some topics where there was talk of high speed or engraving too close to the edges; I lowered the speed to 100 mm / sec and set the print to the center of the work area, but the message always appears around 90% of the processing.

Most controllers are NOT DHCP, you have to manually set the IP address if the default is not available. The common default is

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