Running 2 boss ls2440 laser machines. Can this be done with one computer and 2 usb cables, or do you need seperate computers?

[resently running 2 machines on different computers. Need to move locations for 3rd machine/ Can you run 2 machines off one computer and two usb cables?

You can do it with 2 USB, but why not just connect them to the network, and use I.P connectivity?

I have 6 lasers all running off of any computer in the shop. It’s a lot more convenient, especially if the 2 machines aren’t right on top of one another!

Steve - thanks for the response - can you go into a little more detail on that information. Thanks again - Gary

How do I connect a Ruida controller with Ethernet? ← To connect multiple machines, you would just need a small Ethernet Switch, and hook the computer and both lasers to that instead of directly to each other.