Running along working frame

Hi there,

I am totally new to Lasers and their software. Recently I bought a Ortur Master 15W Laser to engrave wood. So far so good. I already used LaserGRBL, but it has it´s pros and cons.
A definitly pro is the fact that the laser can go around the working area with the laser on, so that I am able to correct the piece of wood before engraving.
Unfortunately, I couldn`t find this function or setup in Lightburn. Well, kind of. If I set the function of the laser to fire, it shows the laser point, to be manually focussed. No worries.
Also it continues the working area, when I press the frame button, BUT the laser is not turned on then. Therefore, I can only guess, where the motive will be.
Is there a function or set up, where the laser is on (not on full power, of course), so that I can see the point on the material AND let run it along my working area?

Looking for some answers, thank you!


Holding the Shift key, while frame a job was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

Is there a way where I can see on the screen, during a job, where the actual position of the laser is?

If one uses the search feature of this forum, as suggested above, one will find that LightBurn will not provide any features that could be perceived as useful for remote monitoring of laser work. We have seen too many fires start this way. We see the posts that start with, “I ran to answer the door…” or “I only took a short potty break…”

That said, LightBurn does provide visual feedback for the current laser position.

I am not used to technical terms, because I am not a native english speaker, but nevertheless thanks!

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