Running lightburn without a directly connected device

so, due to space restrictions I don’t have a lot of choice but to keep my laser cutter in the garage and do all the work on the files in my office in the house. This means the most ideal way of getting files to the device is to save the .RD file to a USB drive and walk it to the cutter and load them in and run them that way.

It looks like light burn doesn’t want to run without having detected a directly connected device. Is there a way around this so I can run the software according to the workflow I’ve established? I appreciate the advice in advance.
Thank you!

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Simply just configure your device setting in Lightburn on the computer not connected to your laser and correspond to the laser controller you have. Lightburn does not have to be attached to your laser to work, it just has to have a device setup.

I found the area where I could define my device manually, but the next window asks how I want to connect to it.
There are three options:

in the case of my situation would serial/USB be the correct choice there?

It does not matter, just use usb and finish the configuration as you are not connecting to a device.

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