Runs testing but not the job


I use T-Trees TOTEM 5.5W laser. I’m new at using Lightburn.
For now I get used to this software but the problem is that sometimes, when I hit Start button, it doesn’t start runnig the job, but starts a test engraving somewhere on the material.
So my question is why does Lightburn starts testing, but not running the job.

Thanks in advance!

Can you explain what you mean by a test engraving? Can you take a photo?

For this moment I can’t take a photo, but will try to explain. It starts engraving some text, looks like programed in the software, but not the job I created.

Does the text look like this?
If so read this thread…

I don’t know if it is, because I always stop it - it engraves over already done things of a big project. But last time I didn’t saw it started an was already engraved the same “LightBurn is…”. maybe this is it. I get it why.

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