Rustoleum European alternative?

Hello! I would like to create white tiles with the Norton White Tile method, but having a hard time to find the proper paint spray for this purpose. I know that it should contain as much as TiO2 as possible, but I haven’t found the good one yet…

Many of the tutorial videos are using Rustoleum 2x, but you can’t find it on European markets… it is produced in the USA, and ordering to Europe (specially Hungary) isn’t affordable.

So my question is that can you tell me a few alternatives of Rustoleum (with high TiO2 content) what can be bought in Europe?

I’m in Arizona, so I can’t say I know much about what’s available in Hungary… Here’s a link that may help… You’re not the only one in EU…

There is also the option of buying TiO2 from some place like Amazon and mixing it with water or ?

Let us know how you do…

Good luck


My original method has been modified and now gives constantly perfect results. Do read the entire thread and use the very latest method. All very easy to do and clean up with just tap water. Please let me know how you get on

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