S.O.S, I need your help guys with my Cohesion 3D Board

I placed my Cohesion 3D smoothieboard on my MK40 (or 6040) CO2 machine equipped with an 80W TUBE.

The head moves without any problem. If I press the test button of the laser it burns, when I start my cutting the laser moves but does not burn.

Should I update my SD card with another freeware ?

You should know that I bought it 3 years ago and place it this week only.

Thank you for your help guys !

Hello Olivier

To validate that is not an settings issue, please share your LightBurn window showing the layers tab?

Also - as it might help - Edit > Settings and Edit > Device settings screenshots please

What type of lps are you using?

How is the cohesion board connected to the lps as far as the pwm output?

When you say it lases, is this from the button on the lps?


Hi Gilaraujo here is the screen capture. Thanks for your help !

Sorry Jack, what do you mean by lps please ?

LPS (laser power supply)

How the cohesion board has it pwm wired? Does it go to IN or L (maybe H)?

What test button works, console or on the lps?


Well i don’t really know because i’m novice. What i can say is this. When my laser is connected to the m2nano (see picture below) everything is working well whith Corel. When i remove the m2nano and connect the c3d (cohesion 3d) lightburn recognize a Smoothieware Laser (GCODE) 200x200 even if mine is a 640x450. Move are ok (left/right/up/down) but when the laser start it never goes automaticaly to the definded start point. Another problem, the laser never ever fired. I’m lost and desesperate. Any help ill be really appreciated ! Thanks

Did you follow any kind of instructions that you can provide a link?

I don’t know these boards and you have nice photos but I can’t tell what’s what from photos.

We can check some things if you have a voltmeter… do you?

You also need to show us a photo of the power supply. Hopefully one that we can see the pin names…


This is the connector info of the original m2nano and how the 5 connectors are connected on my card.

And this how i connect them on the cohesion 3d

I’m trying to provide you a technical map of the cohesion 3d board …

Here it is

Sorry to step in.
Read this topic please if anything can help you.

Its sadly not helping me but thank you.