Sad sad sad customer service

Wow just wow…

I grant you that I read right over the part on your page where it states that a new

license key would not be issued when I upgraded… However the response i got when I asked about

receiving a key… How can i say this rude, completely non-professional and aggravating.

I understand that questions on things like this should be obvious can be aggravating I mean I

I worked on computers for 31 years. MISTAKES happen. If i spoke to my customers the way

your support team did to me frankly i would have gone out of business. Are we in the point of

society where a simple mistake, a simple overlooking of something can’t be acknowledged and answered in kind. This is simply inexcusable and it saddens me cause you have a good product.

But tour the laser community very long and you’ll quickly discover people are hoping for a new

company with a similar product it appears on the peruse the scene, soon and soon you’ll read about others having experienced the shallow same inconsiderate behavior from this company.

I also don’t understand WHY when upgrading from version to the next you calendar days do not reset. I should have reset to zero. ALL the other companies I have ever dealt with similar products ALWAYS restarted the days… is this company really that CHEAP.



This does not sound like the LightBurn employees I’ve seen over the years. And boy, some people can really test someones patience but the LightBurn support people I’ve seen over the last 4 years never sounded anything like what you describe.

From what I know about the license, there is a website you can log into with your email address you registered with. It lets you manage your license and renew too.

And some people can have VERY bad days so if you stick around you will see you ran across the exception, not the norm.


I believe that I did reply in kind, as your initial message was rude out of the gate:

Where is license keep to upgrad key software…
I’m losing money while waiting on this stupid license.
Order 79018…
I was told it was fulfilled but it’s not send immediately

My reply:

Hi Kevin,

It doesn’t seem you read the rest of the page you purchased from:

LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license

Read the part underneath “you will not receive a new key”.

LightBurn Software Support

So you led with, “I’m wasting money waiting on this stupid license”. If you’re going to drag us through the mud over my response, perhaps take a little ownership of your own tone.

I pointed you to the place containing all the info you’d need about how long it takes and how to shorten the wait time, using two very brief sentences.

We get up to a dozen emails like this in a given day, often with this entitled tone to them, and it’s frustrating knowing that the information they’re looking for was put in front of them not once, but twice - the “Order Confirmation” email also states that no new key will be sent.

If you had simply said, “I renewed, but I haven’t gotten my new key yet” my response would’ve been a bit gentler.


Always two sides to a story. I am always wary of anyone who toots their own horn to make a point. LightBurn is probably the poster child in customer service and software control. NO ONE does it better!


I second this comment. LB support has been second to none.




Some customers just aren’t worth keeping. You’ll not get much sympathy here with this sort of attitude.


I have always had good customer support from Lightburn … a really top notch company with a top notch product !!!

Thak You Lightburn :slight_smile:


this August will be my 3rd year being a happy little LightBurn customer. I’ve had numerous license issues, with I think 3 computers die or be returned & had to ask support for help with the license management system. They were always happy to help.
When I first ordered LB I had a great discussion with Oz regarding software use as a disabled user and he was really keen to hear my thoughts.

I don’t even want to comment on the tantrum that started this post, but as it had the very bad taste to refer to others receiving inconsiderate behaviour… Just, don’t. You’re too old to go starting rumor’s. Anyone at any age can have a tantrum, it’s ok but don’t try amplify things with such tasteless remarks.


The developer and support team are top notch.
They implement functions into the app we just could dream off …
And always helpful and kind.

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nothing but top notch service…
and i dont mind a name and shame either!!
Nice one pulling up the initial conversation.
Thanks for putting out a great product with great support.

I have put forth my first issue in a post…and seriously help came straight out of the gate…and kind as well!!

Thanks so much everyone in the Lightburn group!!

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Its sounds to me that somebody owes you a big apology. I think you handled the situation much better then I would have.
I love your product.


Like the previous replies I have been very pleased with all things Lightburn. I like the program and it gets better and better. Thank you.

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Lightburn has great customer service along with a great product. Stop acting like a baby!


Hmmm…that hasn’t been my experience with Lightburn at all. When I had a problem with a camera I purchased from them, they replaced it immediately at no cost. I’m a fan.

I’ve been a customer for over a year, and the support has been fantastic. I’ve raised two observations during this time, and both were acknowledged and fixed by the next software update.
I wish more software companies had a costumer service like LightBurn has.

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I officially want to get a “I :heart: LightBurn” tattoo! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Okay, maybe t-shirt :slightly_smiling_face:.

My take on Kevin’s post. How dare you quickly give me the information I need without kissing my ***!!! Funny how someone can be so rude to others but has no tolerance for any perceived slight. Sigh!

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Im new in here and suport both of you.

First of all, a lot of people doesnt read these days. Thats where i see @Phixius mistake: so you can take this experience to help you to not misunderstood things like this in the future.

In the other hand, i ( or we), can understand the frustrating and stressful what can be reading a lot of the same questions day by day, because the people that doesnt take the time to search and read. And because of that i bet a lot of people not know the hilarius and useful Discobot.

But the staff having a bad day or not, reading the same all day or not, doesnt have to be so rude to not give a bad image of your professionalism ( wich is not in doubt).

So, if i can add something, because the problem of not reading can cause in the forum, why not add a pop up woth 3 basic rules, so that way they can miss this.

Or maybe some kind of mandatory test for the new users. Explaining them to before they can be allowed to post or ask questions, they have to watch your youtube videos following for the text info you have along the forum. So this way they can have the test and this would be allow to besides watching your tutorial videos they also search a little bit more on the forum . So that way you can save some spam posts of the same issues and encourage new users to read better .

Also, once they have do the test, the forum can be sure wich user is gonna be participative in here than just asking questions and leaving the forum without saying thank you, that is very rude , i hate when people doesnt even say thanks to someone who takes their time to reand and try to help answering.

And i think putting this test to new users can assure maybe they have learned the basics begginners info and motivate them to seacrh before ask the same. In this case i think you can seve a lot of questios like my laser doesnt appear on my list and some etcs.

Hope this can help in something, i really like this forum and the staff. Its nice the support both gives.

I know I will come off as not being receptive to your reply but this has to be said because this is the main crux of this entire conversation. You are doing exactly what user Phixius did not do and that is not read the original post and response correctly. Below is part of the email that was sent to support as supplied by Oz.

As stated by Oz, his request was not a request for help but an accusation that LB was negligent in not fulfilling their obligation. This entire conversation would not have happened IF Phixius had politely requested help and did not air his frustration publicly. Yes the staff gets a lot of repeat questions and requests that can be found by a quick search or taking time to read BUT in over the three years that I have been using and associated with LB, I have never seen any staff be anything but helpful and most of all RESPECTFUL to everyone!

I am sorry but LB carries no responsibility for Phixius’s response in this situation.

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Hi !

Yes i read and understand the issue. Besides the no read problem, I was refering thath both sides fail the way they talked each other.

I mean, one as a client, and the other hand as a company: The last one as a company, doesnt have to talk in a rude way to a client. Like you ask for a burger in Mcdonalds and they give you a bad service or talking rude. I know that LB didnt do that, it was just my way remind them to not fall in that situation, theiur patience deserves a medal in fact.
Sadly a lot of clients get advantage of this, and worst in this era of glass people, if you know what i mean.

My purpose was letting both sides know that and thats it. Thats why i suggest the idea of the test for new users.

As long i read in the week i have in this forum, i agree with you. The service Lb gives is one of the best i have ever seen lately. Wish a lot of companies have this service.

Like you and most people i really like and apreciate the work, help and support LB give to us. Im new but eveytime i can give or help with something, count with me.

Hope my reply dont get misunderstood and its glad to talk with people like you in here instead of 10,000 days fighting texts. Nice to meet you HalfNormal :handshake:


Welcome Wyvern!

Again I do apologize if I came off as condensing but my patience for rude users like the OP are wearing thin. What most annoyed me was that he did to LB that he claims he would never do to his customers. In fact if you are in a customer centric service, you know what it is like to be on the receiving end of an unhappy customer. You also know that if you ask nicely and with respect, you will receive the same in kind. I recently saw almost the same interaction between the user of a open source free software and it’s creator. The user who is using the software for free, was having issues and did not like the responses he was receiving to his user problems. He proceeded to berate the author of the software who was only trying to help. This is after the same “If I treated my customers the same way” speech. Unfortunately most of the people who act this way will never be satisfied and yes I have seen a select few who settle down after their tantrum and become great assets to other users. (End of Rant!)

I look forward to seeing the great things you create with LB and your contributions to the forum. Do not let a grouchy old fart like me ruin your enthusiasm! :wink:

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