Saving project/job

Is there a way to save projects that you have prepared for cutting?
What I am hoping for is a way I can come back to the project and laser cut again without having to re-adjust anything.

If so, is there a best practice on saving projects or settings for each job?

For your single project you can save the LightBurn file for re-use later. All cut settings are saves so the next time you open you are ready to go.

If you import a lot from other packages and you use consistent colors, you can create a ‘settings template’ to speed your workflow. Your template will open with a set of “ready to go” colors, like “black is scan, blue is mark, red is cut” for a particular use or machine - you can save multiple templates. If you save an empty file, LightBurn saves all the cut settings (normally it only saves the ones used by vectors, so we special-cases this). This allows you to set a preferred palette for a given workflow. Load that “empty palette / template” file and all the cut settings are restored.

You can also add the Materials Library to your workflow.

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Saving the LightBurn project file saves all vectors and cut settings used in the project, so all you should have to do is load it and hit Start. LightBurn doesn’t currently save the optimization settings, or job origin, and a couple other bits that are considered “global”. I’m likely going to change that so they do save with the project file soon.

Saving a .RD file / GCode file / whatever your laser uses (below the pause button) saves a “laser ready” file, which you can later send to the device using “Send RD file”. That file is “baked” and not editable any more.

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Thank you both for such detailed responses. I tried searching the documentation on any tips and tricks first on ths subject prior to asking. Also searched the forum. I was surprised nobody has asked this, unless was searching incorrectly.

Many thanks.

Yes, you are the winner as the first to ask about this here in the new forum, although this question has been addressed over on FB several times. FB is not the easiest for searching out what you might be looking for. This is one of the key reasons for moving to a forum for support. Now it should be easier for folks to search and find subject matter by topic et. al…

Thanks for your contribution!


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