Scan Offset Not working with USB connection setup

500x700 Ruida Controller. I have been running on ethernet for about 1 year. Often I have an issue where the software disconnects from the controller. If I click ‘stop’, then after a few seconds it states ‘disconnected’ at the bottom, and I can usually then run again, but this is tedious.

So as solution, I can change to USB connection, but it seems the scan offset will not work with the USB connection. This feature works fine on the ethernet connection. I have 2 devices listed in the device list, so I pull down the USB device and disconnect ethernet from laser while doing these trials, so I am 100% sure I am only on USB. Enable Scan Offset is clicked to green, with the offset values entered on ‘Line Shift’. I figure it is something in the settings of this device in the list.

I have downloaded most recent update, and also made sure to close and reopen lightburn when making adjustments.


Can you go to File > Open preferences folder, and send me the prefs.ini file stored there? (Email it to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com with a note or link to this post). I’ve heard of this once or twice before but never been able to track it down. Deleting and re-creating the device has worked for the one or two times I’ve heard of it, but I’d like to see the settings state before that.

I’ve replaced my settings with yours, but I don’t see an issue with the scanning offset - I’m not sure what’s going on, but the code is pretty simple. Can you generate an RD file using “Save RD File” for a simple circle or square, then import it back into LightBurn? If that shows the offsets, then they’re being generated.

Like this:

The circle on the left is the imported RD file generated from the one on the right, using your preferences, and the black layer.

When I import the RD file back in, the offsets are there. The issue is, the offset amount that is burned physically, and in the RD file is always the same, regardless of what I input as the offset amount. I just tested again, and changed the 300 speed from anywhere to 0.05 all the way up to several mm’s, and the output is always the same. The dx from one line to the next on all of the RD files always measures 1.4mm. I deleted the device from the list, and added again, and now it works. I can easily see offset difference between 0.05 and 2.0mm offset now. Thank you for the help.

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