Scanlab RTC4 Galvo Support


I have a Galvo Laser with a RTC4 controller from Scanlab, a Scanlab galvo head and a IPG fiber laser source. Are there any plans to support the RTC4 controller cards?

Scanlabs provides drivers and dll files and some sample demo apps for their controllers.

These are proprietary according to the site. If you won’t share with Lightburn how it operates they will have to decode the information and figure it out… That is very time consuming…

If it doesn’t run with EZCad2 then I doubt the free trial version will be of any benefit.

I’d say I doubt that it will be supported in anytime soon, but I don’t know…

Maybe @Colin can advise you on where development is or isn’t with this controller…

Good luck


The drivers and dlls can be downloaded freely from here:

They are proprietary, but there are some C++ samples and demo apps included in the download which show how to use the dlls. There also some wrappers for different languages.

I’m not certain we have one of these units in house - I am not a developer - but with that said, expansion of our offerings is always on our radar. I’d suggest requesting support on our Fider site (or find someone that may have already requested it) to show your interest.

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