Scanning network stalling (OSX)

Hey folks,

I’ve just installed the Lightbridge image on my Pi4, we’ve connected to the network and all plugged in fine, however when Lightburn scans my network it takes 10+ minutes and stalls out before finally saying 'no LightBurn Bridge devices found"

I’ve reimaged the Pi to ensure I’ve not made a mistake but it is doing the same thing. (screenshots below)

CleanShot 2023-03-30 at 21.27.18

CleanShot 2023-03-30 at 21.40.43

Based on searches it looks like I’m having a similar issue to Lightburn won't find my LB Bridge - MacOS 12.5 - #9 by jkwilborn but that sadly has no resolution and was over a year ago

What’s the IP of your computer that you’re using to configure LightBurn?

@berainlb I’m on I’ve attached a traceroute and ping comes back normally.


A few questions:

  1. Where did you get the image for Bridge? Was it here?
    Curious because the file lists RC4 but your status screen shows RC3. I recall this potentially being a known variance but can’t fully trust my memory.
  2. How did you configure the Bridge to your network? Did you do this through the Bridge AP or via the wifi.txt file?
  3. Is there anything exotic or unusual about your network setup?

At first glance, seems like everything should be in place for this to work. Could you possibly have something blocking the connection running on either the computer or on the router?

1 - I got it from the Lightbright purhase page which links to - The filename is LightBurnBridge-v1.0-RC4.img.xz that I’ve downloaded but you are right that it does say RC3, I guess I can try and redownload and see if the hash is different.

2 - I used the BridgeAP (connected to the created network, put in the details then it restarted and joined the current network) that is how it’s currently connected

3 - I am using a TP-Link Deco Mesh network but there are no firewalls or packet restrictions on the network currently, I’ve even tested by disabling / enabling priority and mesh networking for the Bridge.

Now that you’ve confirmed I’m almost certain I saw a post where it’s indicated that it’s just a mistake.

And definitely looks good from what I can see.

Okay. And your entire network runs on a single subnet?

Prior to attempting to setup the Bridge was your laser connected to LightBurn using a different connection method?

Yep everything is on 192.168.68.*

The Laser was connected to LightBurn via direct USB and works fine (I’ve just cut a lovely cardboard heart box!)

Try creating the device manually.

Laser window->Devices->Create Manually->Ruida->LightBurn Bridge->enter Bridge IP.

Perhaps it will work even if it can’t be detected.

I’ve done this but it still says Disconnected so I clicked rescan (ignore the IP change, I was trying stuff :wink: )

I just wanted to update anyone who is searching on Google for this and comes across this thread, I’ve not solved it and it looks to be something to do with the TP-Link Mesh (as someone else with the issue had a similar thing), since I’m always in the room when cutting anyway, I invested in a 5m USB cable and that works just fine :slight_smile:

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