Scanning Offset Adjustment help

Please explain to me I do not understand what you are saying.

To compensate for this, measure the distance between the ends of the lines at each speed, and enter the speed and distance values into the scanning offset adjustment table — here is the link to this posted from lightburn [Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation](https://scanning offset)

You’re measuring the amount of offset between alternating scan lines output from the laser at a given speed. When you know that value, cut it in half and set that as the entry for that speed in the table. The software will shift each line by that amount, alternating directions.

Thank you so much

please help me — i get the parameters to set in 'scanning offset adjustment - see attached image. I am not sure if I set the speed, interval and reverse interval at the correct fields. THANKS

The ‘Initial Offset’ value is how much to slide everything left or right, if your fills don’t correctly match a line. For example, if you set a square to do ‘Fill+Line’, and it ended up like this:


If the red is where the ‘Line’ part ended up, and the black is where it filled, you would use the ‘Initial Offset’ value to shift the black filled part to line up with the outline.

The first column, ‘Line Shift’, is probably the one you’ll need. That one is where you enter half the distance between the ends of the scanned lines at a given speed. You need to do at least two of them so the system can figure out other speeds. I recommend doing 100mm/sec and 300mm/sec. You can do more speeds if you want to, and the system will ‘make up’ new numbers in between them all from the values you give.

Does that make more sense?

Thanks so much - i will try to follow your advise and instructions. Will let you know if I can get it to work.
here is what came out after I did the test with the setting on my photo above - lightburn put this value there - see image

of the burn - can you tell me how to fix it base on my setting example

Is there anyway you could remote access to my PC and help me PLEASE. I can’t get it to align both left or right sides

Are you getting these offset shifts at 300 mm per minute? If so, your issue is almost entirely mechanical, and you shouldn’t fix it with this setting. That’s a very slow speed. The scanning offsets are usually used on CO2 lasers when scanning at 300 to 500 mm per second, not per minute.

We don’t do one on one help I’m afraid - we don’t have the staff or the time.

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