Scanning offsets seem incredibly high

I’m not sure if this is hardware or software related, so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I set up scanning offsets for my laser, and I came out with some numbers that seem ridiculous to me.

50mm/s → .25mm
300mm/s → 1.83mm
500mm/s → 3.30mm

Other people I know that have the same laser and also use Lightburn having numbers all under 1mm, even up to 1000mm/s speed. Are these numbers normal, and if not is it likely something to do with my hardware/stepper drivers or with Lightburn?

Those do seem high - I would check to make sure your belts are tensioned properly and you don’t have any other obviously loose things in the motion system. If you can draw a circle and the ends match up that’s a good test.

With those numbers I get perfect scans. I’ve tested text, images, shapes, etc and everything comes out perfect to my eye.

EDIT: I still don’t know of any empirically correct way to tension belts, but they are tight enough that I can’t force it to move if I hold the motor shaft with pliers and pull on the belt.

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