Scrambled Text when doing Italics - Ortur Laser Master Pro 2

I am trying to make up a sign. Part of the text is in Italics. I happily put that part as a separate text layer. When I tried to print it, the whole thing was crazy scrambled. No, it couldn’t have mechanically shifted during printing.

I have included both what I saw on LightBurn and what I got as well as the LightBurn file. Does anybody know what went wrong? Is this a LightBurn bug or a known Ortur issue? Thank you!

Twelve_Steps_Left_One_Line.lbrn2 (66.7 KB)

Here is an experiment to isolate the issue. It shows that just turning off the italics really changed the results. Since good panels are expensive and I had no idea what happened, I cut a piece of cardboard to the same size and burned on that. Other than turning the power down and turning off the italics, all settings were the same.
I tried to turn off the italics as an experiment, leaving the layer as separate. The results were much closer. The stuff burned to the upper left of the title is a mystery to me. The cardboard was brand new.
Below is an image of the results, the LightBurn screen and the LightBurn file. Oh, this is all in LightBurn 1.0.04 under Windows 10 on a Dell XPS-8500.


Twelve_Steps_Left_One_Line-Experiment_1_No_Italics.lbrn2 (66.9 KB)

Interestingly, when I made that bit of text that had been on a separate layer part of the layer 0 that the rest is printed in, everything was fine.

Twelve_Steps_Left_One_Line-Experiment_2_All_Text_Layer0.lbrn2 (64.7 KB)