Screen move tool sticks on- center mouse click turns it off

We went around on this earlier in the year- I cannot find that post. You mentioned that clicking the mouse wheel de-activates the move, that works but I cannot figure out what locks it on. This is a win 10 puter- but a different one than I was using last time. I forget where we left the last post- I was just leaving for a month off. Gene

Here is how we describe the usage in our documentation, might be worth review,

I also did a little digging and found what I think you are referencing as an earlier post. :slight_smile:

Yessir- that was the one- this is now a different laser that has been stored for a couple years with a different computer/mouse/keyboard. I will try to figure out what triggers the fault- when I push the four arrows button the hand appears and the movement is normal, if I push the mouse wheel the pan stops but the hand is still displayed until I poke the select arrow [for what that is worth?]. I am actually doing shop work now so it will be tomorrow probably, Gene

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