Sculpfun s10 and lightburn

I have a sculpfun s10, and lightburn
now i was lasering a 20 minute project, but the laser stops at about half way.
the energie setting by windows 10 is all " never"
Does anyone know that??
and what to do?

Did you see any error messages in your ‘Console’ window when your project stopped? If so, can you copy and paste them here so we can take a look?

Your laser may be losing connection due to a loose USB connection, a USB port sleeping, static discharge causing the controller to reset, or insufficient power supply leading to a brown out condition.

Here are some resources to help you troubleshoot these issues:


i set this off now ,is that ok??

i think it work now

Thanks for answer

Yea, new here, the following USB is ‘crappy’ mine lose connection just by running over 6000, new USB cable in and all works fine.

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