Sculpfun s6 30w cant cut MDF


I recently bought this machine, it works fine when engraving, but when i try to cut mdp it struggles so much i tried everything but i cant, i dont know if its the problem with the machine or mine.

Whats MDP?

Im sorry, its MDF

ok, did think you meant that, but had to check it wasn’t some board I didn’t know.

There could be many reasons. But assuming the machine is set up correctly and clean…

what Thickness are you trying to cut? I would think a 30w machine would not cut thicker than maybe 6mm (maybe less) at max power and slow.
I have 100w machine and 10mm is the max is will cut comfortably, maybe 12mm if pushed.

Try lightweight MDF, of the MDF made for laser cutting. It’s less dense


thank you for helping, im tryng to cut 3mm, but i tried every config, im kind new on this area, and when i try max power the borders of the cuting gets burned, its so ugly

you need to set a Min power also for cutting, then it can reduce the power at the corners, if the acceleration is low or there are parameters to slow at corners or tight radius


For any kind of cutting with a diode you need to have air assist to even attempt it.

I would take @LazerArt advice and purchase the type of wood Neil’s suggesting.

You’d need 10mm/sec at 100% power or 600 mm/min 100% power depending on your settings. I have a slightly more powerful diode and I won’t even attempt MDF.


thank you so much for all the help with 600 mm/min 100% power i could cut easly in just 10 passes.

Air assist will be your friend for cutting.


this is my MDF 3mm cutted at 500 mm/min at 100% power with a 7.5 diode with air assist, as @LaserWillie told, air assist is your best friend in those cuts.

i forgot to say… in 2 passes

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I hear bad things about NEJE and I know they aren’t reputable, but damn if stuff like this doesn’t make me want to use one of those diodes. If they had a better warranty on the diode itself I’d be in or even ANY kind of customer service.

I have requests to do countertops and whiskey barrels on location and the only thing stopping me is a decent portable diode laser. I also just don’t want to invest further in ANYMORE lasers until my CO2 is dialed in and making some money.

That’s a nice clean cut on that.

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well, with this diode i even cut this…

if you remember :wink:

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I do, and I like my little laser diode, but the gantry etc are crap. When ihave cash I’ll either mod or get a better setup.

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