SeeMeCNC Rostock MAXv3 RAMBo not connecting

I connect to the MAXv3 easily with S3D, not lightburn. Do I need drivers?

Welcome Bill, thanks for the post. I am not familiar with the “SeeMeCNC Rostock MAXv3 RAMBo”, nor the drivers required. What firmware is used to drive the controller of this system?

LightBurn works with GRBL, Marlin, or Smoothieware firmware, so the controller would need to be running one of those in order for it to be compatible with LightBurn.

I have my SeeMeCNC Rostock MAXv3 running Marlin now and connected to LightBurn. I’m working through some details. All good.

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I want to send gcodes to my printer/laser cutter. G28 works, G0 Z50 X0 Y0 F4500 works but the communication if locked up after this command. Is there some format I don’t know about? I want to use M106 S00~255 and M107 to control the laser.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do you mean that it just says “busy” and doesn’t return? LightBurn waits for the controller to say ‘ok’ after every command, so if it’s locked, it means it hasn’t sent a response yet, or possibly, the response wasn’t in the format it was looking for.

The M106 / M107 and S0 to 255 configuration is the default for Marlin, so that should be ok.

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