Send the job direct to the laser via "Start"

Was helping my boss today with his Thunder Laser. He has it attached to the PC via USB. BUT, when you want a job to run, you click “send” in Lightburn -vs- Start like mine.
After you click “send” it pops up with a box to type in a filename, then you go to the laser and press the start button.

His has always been like that. I’m assuming there is something in LB that needs to be clicked, or would it be in the laser itself.

How can I change that?


There is an option to “Disable start button” in Edit->Device Settings. Make sure that’s not enabled.

Thanks. I’ll check it out tomorrow.

The Ruida is out in the garage, so I send it to the machine and run it from the console…

Have a machine out there, but it’s pretty hot, so It’s using the Lightburn PI Bridge…

When it first arrived, I used the machine out there with USB, that was a drag and wired it up via a $12 wifi bridge from Amazon… Ran that way until Lightburn released the PI…


Note that this will eventually fill up the Ruida controller’s flash drive with cryptically named files, leading to all manner of hard-to-diagnose problems.

Unless you plan to re-cut The. Same. Jobs. over and over again without involving the PC (which, admittedly, is likely in a production shop), it’s probably better to Start a one-off job when you need it to avoid cluttering the controller.

Well, on my Monport, all I do is click the start button in LB, and I’m off and running. Good to know about clogging up the controller with names. I’ll check his machine out tomorrow a.m.

thanks all

If you hold shift, then send, it will send the file and start the job…

I just delete them when I get a half dozen or so…

I keep a line in there for figuring out cut speeds…


Hi Jack.

He’s really never used this machine. He asked me if I would lend some assistance on it. So sure. Today, I took some of his punked up tumblers and started to create library’s for each color, size, and mfg.

I’ve never actually ran his machine, but was there when we visited their tech guy. I was just a bit confused as to why it was setup that way. It had me scratching my head. I’ve seen vids of people having to go to the laser itself to run the job, after it was sent from the PC.

Never figured out why it would be that way.

Perhaps it lets you (well, him) make absolutely sure the cat isn’t snoozing on the platform?

You don’t want to load the code to an unattended machine located somewhere else and have it execute without someone there to watch it…

The way mine is setup, it would be running before I got out there… have to make sure nothings living in it or …?


Ohhhhh, I got it now. I just assumed the laser would be sitting next to a PC or something. Mine is 3 feet from my workstation, and my fiber is on the other side 1 foot away from the workstation.

Ever seen any of these factories using them in groups… You want an operator to ensure the set it up is correct and run the job…

That way it doesn’t matter when you send it to the device.