Send works but start gets a red light

Opened test files purchased for engraving. Send works and allows me to name file but when I hit start the button color immediately changes green to red and laser does not cut. No error messages.

I have a China Blue that has a machine console, if I send a file, I have to load it and start it from the machine console at the laser. The Gweiki doesn’t appear to have a console… maybe you could explain in a little more detail…

Unless you add a machine console, you don’t get an error messages out of the Ruida… it’s errors only go to it’s console.

If you are using an image format, then it’s likely overscan. It needs room to slow down, change directions and get back up to speed before it gets over the scan area.

Are you near the edges in any areas of the work area?

Also, in the preview, if you enable show transversal move, will show you where the head is traveling…

I think @BillieRuben deals with these, maybe she can tell us what it’s doing…

Good luck


That definitely sounds like a likely cause!

You could also try twiddling the red emergency stop on the front of the machine. When I first got mine I had trouble starting the whole machine and that was the fix, and who knows :woman_shrugging: might reset something.

I also missed a piece of packaging behind the gantry inside the machine (in front of the fan) that was preventing the machine from homing/completing its start-up routine.

But these were all first-time-operation hurdles, and I do think your answer is the more likely candidate @jkwilborn! I’d definitely test it after moving the job a bit further into the work plane. I also give some rough guides in this post: How to use Gweike Cloud with LightBurn + tips, tricks & FAQ

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