Set ONLY the speed to all the layers in one time

Hello guys,

I’m new in Lightburn.
I’m trying yo find the proper settings for an object with a pattern of 100 (10x10) squares.
I have created 4 files because of the limit of 29 layers in Lightburn (don’t know if there’s a way to have 100 layer in lightburn …).
The 4 files of 29 layers were set at 1200mm/min speed.Now I want to test at 1000mm/min.
That mean that I will need to modify 100 layers one by one … long long long
Is there a way to do it in just one manip,may be a macro ?
Or a field where we can set the Speed or Power and click somewhere to apply it on all the layers ?
I have seen the 2 arrow method (left arrow copy , right arrow paste) but it change the power setting and I want to keep my power from 1% to 100% on the 100 layers.
I use to work on other soft like Gravostyle from Gravograph.
In this soft there’s a calibration menu, where can say from which speed or power you want to start your test , the increase step and it creates automatically 10 squares to engrave or burn at the different values : fast and easy.

If it doesn’t exist it could be a new feature : a material calibration menu.
May be it needs to create a GRBL code with 100 square to engrave and a Variable at the beginning where we can set the speed or power ?


Have a look at how this file is built:

Hello Oz,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, it seems that we are all hitting the same misunderstanding on how we can test from 1% to 100% the power in one file.
Shape Power scale, so.
I’ve seen some posted messages and now understand that I can do a file with 10 layers only. It will reduce the copy/past for the speed.

In next version may be a tabulation dedicated to calibration, could be an improvment with also a feature to set one speed in a field and a way to apply this speed to all the layers in one time.

So thank you.
And by the way this soft is really a top gun one :slight_smile: !

You can also use these:

We’ll have something similar built into the software before too long.

perfect, exactly what I was looking for !

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