Setting the machine origin

Hello to everybody, I just signed up and would have the following question:

I’m using a small CNC 3018 Pro with hard limit switches. After the homing cycle Lightburn displays a machine position of X: -292,00, Y: -160,00. The negative values prevent me from using the “Move to position” command, since it only allows positive values. Any idea where I can change the machine position to 0/0 after the homing cycle?

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Your machine uses negative coordinate space, we need to offset the origin. LightBurn wants positive workspace numbers. Have a read through these two posts for details. Documentation/ at master · LightBurnSoftware/Documentation · GitHub


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Hi Rick,

Thx a lot for your help, I will work through both the posts and hopefully can resolve my issues.

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Please continue to post if you hit a snag. Here to help. :wink:

Hi Rick, I just tried your recommendations and I successfully could resolve my machine origin issues. Thx again.

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