Setting up a Chinese Laser

I was recently scammed on the purchase of what was supposed to be a 15w Universal Laser. I did all the research on the universal Laser and was amazed by the raving reviews. It turns out that what I got was a cheap Chinese Laser.

Now I am trying to set it up using Lightburn. Is there anyone out there that has had similar experiences or one that may know enough about Lightburn to get me sorted out. I have discovered that the laser uses GCode or GRBL v1.1 and that my Laser does work using the fire button in Lightburn. The problem I am having now is setting up my 508 x 610 work area. The laser will try to work outside the boundaries and get bound up against the frame rails. Please any and all help and or tips would be appreciated.

Universal laser does answer their chat.
You should have gotten a manual of sorts.
Google your problem for your laser
I have a 3W Universal, which is a Chinese laser which you certainly should have known if you actually researched. They are somewhat limited but you can do some amazing things with yours.

Have a read of this and let us know a bit more about how you have things set (LightBurn and Firmware) after for review. Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Please be nice. This kind of comment is not necessary.

I didn’t mean that to be Nasty. Just making a point

I am finally able to get the laser to engrave a couple very small images. Ihave went up to a 80 x 70mm logo that I imported and began to engrave. About 10 to 12% of the way into the job, the laser shuts off and I get this message in the console window:

Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]




Target buffer size found


I have searched an unable to find if this is an error code or is there any reason it would stop in the middle of a job.


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