Setting up lightburn bridge to camera?

Hi. Hopefully this is the correct sub but I’m a new user wondering if it’s possible to use an instance of lightburn bridge running on a pi with a camera attached to pi using usb.

Would I be able to use lightburn on my Mac connected to the diode laser/camera via local network/wifi? I tried to search but was unable to find an answer. Thanks.

It will be possible, but we haven’t finished writing that part yet. The bridge itself is brand new and hasn’t even been released to the public at this time.

We’ll be releasing the disk image for people who want to set up their own hardware, likely next week, and kits will follow within a week or two after that.


Fantastic news… I’ve been exploring & testing all the available options to hookup usb cam & laser to pi so I can “talk” to lightburn and each has its own set of headaches and limitations.

Can’t wait to tryout the lightburn bridge implementation.

Is there a signup sheet or something for paying customers to be alpha/beta testers?

I’ll happily volunteer to be a guinea pig.