Setting Z-Axis Home

I am wondering if there is a way I can set a" home" position for the z-axis? My issue is that I tend to have to move my bed position for various jobs, so my camera alignment gets off. I am wondering if there is a way I can tell it “This position is home”, so that after I have to move the bed, it can reset to that default position???

As long as the material surface is at the same distance from the camera you shouldn’t lose alignment. It’s designed to work this way. The bed height doesn’t matter, only the distance from the top of the material to the camera does.

Got it. For some reason I was thinking it was more the bed height. So does this make sense:
I have it calibrated now with the top of the sheet level to the frame, bed/knife tables/frame are all flush (my knife tables are stationary). So if I use thicker/thinner media, just adjust the bed to make the material so that it will be flush with the frame? Then it should keep the material top the same distance from the camera.

I mean, yes, but why not set it to be at the focus point of the lens? Then you just focus whatever material you’re using before you capture. That’s how it is intended to work.

What do you mean exactly by “set it to be at the focus point of the lens”?

In this post there are some visuals that might help.

When you put material in your laser, you set the top of the material to be at the focus point of the lens / laser, otherwise you won’t make small dots or cut effectively. The camera system is designed with this in mind - If you never change the focal point of your lens, either by changing lenses or adjusting a focus tube, the focal point will always be at the same height relative to the camera.

That’s what I was thinking it should. Just a bummer my knife table doesn’t move.

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