Settings (um) AWC608 K40 Basic yet nonexistant?Haa!

I can find 1000 posts on cameras but the most elementary of tutorials, tips, how-to’s… do they exist? I’m intelligent but even the homing explanations are sped thru by LB studs or over explained so I’m watching a 20 minute video on absolute zero (which is what I retained). PLEASE HELP THIS IDIOT WITH SOMETHING BASIC! UM and AWCC608 Settings (machine or anything) thank you

did you watch the videos on the website? I found them very informative:

I have man. Thank you for your response btw. I’ve watched so many videos I feel I get it all and I’ve been using engravers for years but have never had to “home” one. Truthfully I thought the controller would recognize the fact it has hard limits connected and would be smart enough to know what to do when found. I’ve had it a time or 2 where the thing surprises me and homes like a real lazer with the double kiss and smooth back off and set. Them I turn it off and kaput. I’ve been messing with this thing for years but origin is home? Absolute zero is home? I watched the 18 minute video on setting origin but apparently AWCC608 is special and I can’t find anywhere a distinct “dummy” version of the settings. Like the UM! Are we guessing? No um calculator here. I’ve seen pics of other peoples settings w grbl and everything but the Anywells 608. I know its configured thru the controller but… I’m losing hope. Software params, key paramus, machine params… I feel I’m over complicating this and need help.

LightBurn supports a wide variety of controllers, but we don’t produce technical information for any of them - that’s the job of the manufacturer of the controller itself. LightBurn interfaces with them, and supports the same feature set as the stock software, but configuring and troubleshooting the controller itself is a bit out of scope for us.

Most machines, when purchased, have the controller installed and all the homing, step sizes, limits, etc are already configured for you by the seller. If you’ve installed your own controller, you’re going to need to set that stuff up yourself. We can help with this, but it’s way beyond the scope of the software and included docs.

For the AWC, you can configure either through LightBurn in Edit > Machine Settings, or from the controller itself by holding Stop and pressing the Shift button.

I have a 708c installed in a K40D, so the config should be the same, or very close. Here’s screen shots of my X & Y axis configs:


And here are the basic user settings:


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I got it pretty much figured out after receiving ur 708 settings. Still need to do a little tweaking on some numbers but I would say if ur starting off clueless…plug in Oz’s #'s because it will get you going. Thanks for the response and for the software…I did finally get control of my controller thanks to @LightBurn. Looks like its time to buy! Well done guys, yall do amazing work. Thank you.

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