Setup Boss HP2436 for Rotary

Can someone tell me how to enable and setup the rotary using lightburn? The manual covers RDWorks but I am not using it. Guessing I need to manually enter the settings on the controller because I read that Lightburn can not do it yet. Can someone talk me through it?

The Boss HP series mentioned in your profile comes with a rebranded Trocen AWC controller. As a starting point, you will find a lot more information on our forum by searching for “Trocen Rotary”

Thanks, I searched for Boss.

This is the beauty of proprietary products. Boss has multiple lines of lasers that have different controllers in them, so the information will vary widely.

So the topics I found are closed. I need the menu settings to get it to work. One of the topics mentions how easy it is… Anyone able to describe easy?

Perhaps you could try some of the solutions you have found, and if you have issues, you can reply back to this thread with the details about what you have tried and how it did/ did not work - this way we can help you with your actual exact symptoms.

What I found is a buch of posts say it is easy. No one actually gives you the settings. I do not like to tinker with the controller settings because honestly I do not know them very well yet and fear screwing it up. I am sure they are buried in a submenu somewhere but was hoping someone could tell me where. All of Boss’s videos are old.

Well sort of. Yes, you will need to configure from the controller panel directly.

Have you reached out to our friends at Boss for the correct manual for your controller and the correct settings they reccomend for their rotary?

I have a third party rotary on order. I have the Boss one but honestly I heard it was a piece of crap and never used it.

To offer clarity, there is no such thing as “…the rotary…”. There are many different types of rotary devices for laser cutters (roller style, chuck style), with different motor configurations and settings required to work properly. This is why I suggest getting the correct numbers from the supplier. Entering these numbers into the controller is not difficult and covered in the controller documentation, also provided by your supplier.

Not trying to be difficult, just trying to point you to the faster way to get answers to your question.

Maybe I should clarify, I DO NOT want the numbers. I can get them from the manufacturer and other sources online and understand every machine is different. I just want to know WHERE in the menus to enable the rotary and plug those numbers into.

The Boss video shows doing it by reading and writing in RDWorks. Can’t do it that way and Lightburn does not work the same way.

Thank you for clarifying. Which controller is in your Boss, the exact controller model? If you don’t know the exact controller model it is, take a picture of the electronics, showing the controller where there will be a sticker or label and we can help identify.

Once you share that, I will look it up in the manual and share what I find.

AWC708C PLUS Controller. The manual they provided me does not match. Guess I bought my machine during a transition. Is there such a thing as firmware on these?

Just to add, I could open a support ticket but when I started this thread I though it was an easy question… So much for thinking… LOL


I assume you mean with Boss.

Well that is not good. Best I can offer is a direct link to Trocen for that model number manual.

The controller you have is a Trocen AWC 708. It has no ability to set rotary options from software - you have to do it from a menu on the controller itself. This isn’t a “LightBurn doesn’t support this yet” any more than my “Honda Civic doesn’t have a ‘Launch into orbit’ option yet”. :slight_smile:

On the controller, press the Menu button. Then go to 7) Common Parameters Setting, then 4) Rotate Engraving and Cutting. From here you can enable the rotary, set the steps per rotation, and diameter. This is the only place you will ever be able to do this until such time as Trocen updates their firmware to allow software to make the changes.

The nice thing is, the settings here only affect the rotary, and if you just turn off the ‘Rotary Enable’ setting here, nothing else is affected and it all goes back to normal, so there’s little chance of messing up something else.

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That’s the ticket… Thanks

Just out of curiosity, how was RDWorks reading the settings and writing back?

RDWorks is the software that is tied to Ruida controllers.

Your Trocen controller would have been using LaserCAD, or whatever Boss calls their rebranded version of it.

On your controller it wouldn’t have been doing that. On their controller (Ruida) it’s supported.

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