Setup of new camera with light-burn, kicking off lens calibration runs indefinitely

I am running the latest level of LB and trying to setup USB camera for the first time. I bought and installed this one:

Its not a fish-eye. Camera is about 30’’ from the image/bed. As soon as I kick off the calibrate lens it hags… here is a video

Thoughts? Known issue?

No advise?

Well. Guess this forum is not the way to get help.

Probably too much light, if you dim the lighting it will work

Sorry we did not respond earlier, this slipped through, which is not common. :slight_smile:

Yes, and using the search returns this as a known issue, Macs running the latest versions of LightBurn and trying to use the camera features. We are investigating and will provide feedback as we sort this out.


What version of MacOS are you using?


Try this version:

We’re still working through some compatibility issues with the new OS. It seems if I use the framework version that solves some of the visual glitches it messes up camera compatibility.

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Bingo… much better!!!

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