Setup Orion Motor Tech 50w with LB

Does anyone know how to ‘device setup’ the Orion motor tech 50w laser to Lightburn? It’s driving me crazy. Thought it was GRBL but maybe I’m missing something

If it came with LaserDRW, it’s an M2 Nano controller and not supported by LightBurn. If it came with RDWorks, it would be a Ruida controller, and those work very well with LightBurn.

It’s a Ruida. When I do the device setup in lb it doesn’t give me the option for ruida

Are you using the trial, or did you purchase a GCode only license? If the latter is true you’d need to upgrade to the DSP license - you can purchase the license upgrade on our web store here:

Ah, I purchased it but not DSP. Explains it. Thank you much!

I’ve updated your key - deactivate the license and re-enter for the system to pick it up immediately, otherwise it’ll pick it up by itself within 24 hrs.

I just ordered a DSP key hahaha. Before you sent that last message.

I’ve misplaced my key somewhere. Should I wait for the new one to come that I ordered?

There is no new key - I’ve just updated your existing one. I’ll re-send your key email.

Oh wow! Thanks for the help! Thus why I am glad I invested in this program.

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