Sharing LightBurn Settings Between 2 Computers

I have 2 Macs, one in my study, in my house, where I do most of my design work, and one in my shop, where my CNC with my laser is located. I have one copy of LightBurn running on each Mac.

Is there any easy way to share settings between them? Are there specific files I can copy from one copy to the other to keep the settings on them matched? I was thinking of copying one (or more?) files to my NAS when I quit one, then copy those to the other install before I run it.

You can go to ‘File’ > ‘Export Prefs’, transfer that file, and then import it (‘File’ > ‘Import Prefs’) on the second Mac. That will transfer all of your settings.

Thanks. I saw that, but wasn’t sure if it’d include device settings for the CNC and laser and other stuff as well. That’ll make things easier!

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