Show your LightBurn Camera mounted on a K40

I’m looking for some inspiration on mounting a camera to the K40 - since the lid opens so far back that the top doesn’t look down anymore to see the bed, I’m trying to figure out a better solution - could use all the inspiration if anyone has done it!

There are 3D printable Lid stops, I sent Starla a set, let me find the file, and I’ll post it for you.


Here is the link:

I got my camera Saturday (yay!). I’ve been toying with the door stops, debating if this is the route I want to take. I’m also looking at some camera mounts and a lockable hinge that I can place discretely inside of the work area, which should be here in a couple of days. I’ll post my final setup once I’m done testing everything out.

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I’m waiting for my LB cam mount to finish printing, so I figured I would play around and find the best angle for my lid.

Thinking I must have parts kicking around the “shop,” I found some aluminum flat stock, added a little dremeling, drill press and flat file and ginned this up

To get the most clearance, I used a pop rivet to secure the flat stock to the lid.

It is a very basic kickstand, and doesn’t prevent the lid from going full open.

To close the lid, I just rotate the kickstand up. The rivet has enough pressure (for now) to act as a stay.

Cam mount printing…

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Just playing around with my camera tonight. That bar stock kickstand looks like a winning idea.

Will steal it tomorrow!

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