Show your LightBurn Camera mounted on a K40

(Ray Kholodovsky) #1

I’m looking for some inspiration on mounting a camera to the K40 - since the lid opens so far back that the top doesn’t look down anymore to see the bed, I’m trying to figure out a better solution - could use all the inspiration if anyone has done it!

Show me how you mounted the camera on your K40
Camera installation on K40
(Anthony Bolgar) #2

There are 3D printable Lid stops, I sent Starla a set, let me find the file, and I’ll post it for you.

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

Here is the link:

(Starla Fox) #4

I got my camera Saturday (yay!). I’ve been toying with the door stops, debating if this is the route I want to take. I’m also looking at some camera mounts and a lockable hinge that I can place discretely inside of the work area, which should be here in a couple of days. I’ll post my final setup once I’m done testing everything out.

(Starla Fox) #6

I just started playing with the mount I got today for the LB camera, but here’s what I did as a cheap solution for a K40 lid stop that works for my needs. This was something I wanted to get done before mounting the camera. I used a square as a prop, opened slightly more than 90° so the lid would stand upright while I marked the hinge holes for attachment.


The holes were listed as 4mm, but size #8 I had on hand were somewhat larger, so go with smaller fasteners or slightly drill the mount holes out.

K40LidSquared K40LidOpen
K40LidScrews K40LidMountScrews

I’ll camera the mount details tomorrow.

(Starla Fox) #7

120° Camera is up - woo! Calibration is next. Took a little longer than expected because I was trying a few different options to test out, but it’s coming along.


I was hoping I would be able to use the adjustment knob to angle, but after reading other posts and manually maneuvering the head towards the full assembly, I needed a lower profile to prevent it from hitting the camera at the front of the work area. I stripped the mount down to the base, stuck it to the K40 lid with double sided tape, modified the LB sandwich file to fit this style, cut it out and hooked everything up. The USB cord is also attached with double sided tape.

K40_CameraCase.lbrn (12.2 KB)

I had to use longer screws (size #4) to fit with the angle. Screwing these into the mount, I can still detach and open the case if I need to access the camera.






I’m happy so far!


Finally had a chance to do the camera calibration and alignment. I tested on a scrap piece, in a small area to see how accurate it would be. I need to do a little more tweaking, but loving it so far!

Overlay vs Actual

LB_Camera_Shot K40_LBCam_Test


Glue or bolt your camera down. The double sided tape is not a permanent solution, but it was helpful in fine tuning everything while I was discovering what worked.

(Travis Sawyer) #8

I’m waiting for my LB cam mount to finish printing, so I figured I would play around and find the best angle for my lid.

Thinking I must have parts kicking around the “shop,” I found some aluminum flat stock, added a little dremeling, drill press and flat file and ginned this up

To get the most clearance, I used a pop rivet to secure the flat stock to the lid.

It is a very basic kickstand, and doesn’t prevent the lid from going full open.

To close the lid, I just rotate the kickstand up. The rivet has enough pressure (for now) to act as a stay.

Cam mount printing…

(Brent Dowell) #9

Just playing around with my camera tonight. That bar stock kickstand looks like a winning idea.

Will steal it tomorrow!

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