Showing the laser position

Is there a button that will trigger a low power beam to show where the laser is currently at? For example I’m doing a star wars style Aztec calendar and have found the center but I need a visual of where the laser is currently pointing so I can move the piece into place.

Yes there is. As you are using a diode laser, you need to enable it first. Go to edit, device settings, enable laser fire button. Restart Lightburn. Then when you go to the move tab, there will be another button marked fire, set a low percentage say 3% so you can see the beam (with glasses) but not burn material. Press Fire and you will see a low intensity beam.

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To frame with the power enabled, once you have the Laser Fire button configured, hold the Shift key when you click the frame button, and it will set the laser power to the value in the Laser Fire setting.


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Hi there I have a question, does the %of the fire on the move tab go further 20%? I am doing a tile parameter and at 90% I only get a light grey instead of a very dark color. I think that having the diode a 20% on the move tab is the problem. Can you help me with this?

It does not for safety and does not have a direct effect on the output of your job.

You would need to share more about what you have set for this job, the art you are trying to produce, and the results you are getting, for folks to offer anything of value back.

You may need to check your firmware settings to ensure you are configured correctly. Check this as well: Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

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I am using the free version and I believe there might be a limitation. I will just buy the software and go from there

There are no limits or differences other than the time we allow you to use it, 30 days.