Shuogou Laser Engraver

For what precisely? Why your current setup isn’t working or something else?

Can you provide an update on what you’ve done with the setup since the last discussion?

Were you able to test the stepper motors and identify the coil pairs?

tested coil pairs , moved on …this set-up is same motors but new board 2 axis GRBL control board ( this time with individual x and (2) y axis inputs to simplify the wiring ) also bought light burn software . This time no movement at all so I have gone from only axis working to now none ( might be a bad board ? but its brand new , so not sure .

Are you able to connect to the controller? Do you see any Console output?

How are you determining no movement?

Can you give as much context to what’s happening as you can?

software ( lightburn ) says its connected , but when you go to controls for movement nothing happens on either x or y drive now ?? nor can you blink laser …I cant imagine this controller is bad , must be settings .

Do you get output in Console? Can you run this Console and return results:


How did you connect the steppers to the controller?

How did you connect laser?

Do you have a meter that you can use to confirm PWM output from controller?

You still do not have limit switches correct?

In that case run this in Console to disabler homing:


I suggest you take a backup of your machine settings before doing this. Or else run $$ in Console and copy the output.

Then retry jogging moves. How does it work?

No joy …tried disabling homing

Power cycle the laser then get Console output.

Can you run these commands and return results. Copy and paste the text please.


$$ $0=10

You’ll want to change these settings. For some reason homing cycle is still enabled. Did you change this back?

Run these commands one at a time in Console:


Rerun $$ to confirm that the changes were stored. Power cycle and then retest. Can you then take a screenshot of LB with Console showing?

Can you power cycle the laser and then capture Console results?

I’m looking for the Console data for when the machine first connects. I want to see if you’re getting and start-time errors.

Are you getting any different behavior?

Waiting for connection…




Target buffer size found


So… are things working?

no function at all

so is light burn actually seeing the Annoy Tool controller ?

Yes. You are connecting to it and getting a response. It’s fully engaged.

I suggest you confirm wiring and/or test voltages out of the controller for laser pwm and stepper function.