SHX handwritten font?

Hello! New to LightBurn and lasering. I have done a few things so far but need to perfect the technique.
Anyway, I have done a few pens with engraving names. Just saw a vid about SHX text for Lightburn on their YouTube page.
Is there an SHX text that looks like it is handwritten? Just wanted to check. I have used the regular stuff in Windows but thought that since the vid stated that the SHX are better I wanted to check.

This is worth review. :slight_smile:

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Thanks but I already downloaded/installed and do not see any.

This section of our documentation for Fonts and Text should help: Fonts and Text - LightBurn Software Documentation

Here is what shows from my font chooser in LightBurn with my set of SHX fonts.

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Great! Thank you

Where did you get these? They are not coming up in my font option for SHX. All I have is 1 SHX for script. (???)

Google is your friend when digging for these. I believe this is where I found some good ZIP’s.

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Wow! That’s a lot lol
Thanks for all your help!

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