Silent Installation and Licensing

Hello. We’ve recently purchased a Boxford laser cutter and Lightburn software that has accompanied it. Whilst we’ve found the silent switches for the installation & uninstallation of Lightburn and they work fine, just wanted to know if there is a way of including license key/activation as part of the installation process. We’re using batch file for the installation/uninstallation process. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Someone, such as @Rick might be able to answer that… I’d give him a chance to respond. I think this is more of a specialty that may have to go through support.


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Thanks @jkwilborn. Yes, take a look at the following and let us know how you get on with this. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick, thank very much for the detailed information. The licensing using command prompt works well but we would like to try out floating licensing method if possible, as that fits more to our scenario. How do we go about getting that setup please? Thanks again.

Good to hear, and yes, please contact us via email ( to learn more about Floating License options. Thank you. :slight_smile:

A very quick one please. The following command works brilliantly in licensing the software on installation - LightBurn -l

Is there a similar command for revoking the licence before uninstallation? I know that you can do this from within the software, but if the computer doesn’t have a device attached then we can’t get past the attach a device window. Thanks again.

Currently, there is not. If it’s a float key, this isn’t required. If it’s not a float, you’d have to do it from the portal.

Thank you for the reply Rick. Apologies for my ignorance but what/which portal is this please? Also, does uninstall not automatically revoke the licence from the workstation? Thanks

Our License Portal (← click to open), where you can manage / allocate / revoke seats from a fixed key. :slight_smile:

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