Size of edit nodes

When Node editing, does anyone know if is there any way to make the nodes a little bigger on screen please?

in the absence of multiSelect nodes, it’s quite difficult to see them in order to delete them.


There isn’t a way so increase the size, but I could make that an option.


that would be very useful to many users, i’m sure,

thank you.

I could go for 'em being a little bigger. Old eyes…

I’ll add my vote on larger nodes as well. It seems I’ve become who I used to laugh at (can’t see anything any more)…

Bigger is usually always better.

i don’t know if i others have the same difficulty, but with closely spaced nodes i often accidentally move a bezier ‘handle’ rather than the node itself.

would be handy if it was easier to differentiate them.

i appreciate screen redraw speed could be increased if they are coloured , but if you are node editing, that’s a small price to pay.

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