Skewed output after rotary use

This is a curious issue. I’m bouncing back and forth from a “normal” setup and trying out the rotary setup. Everything worked fine before and during the rotary setup. So, it’s not a new setup or install/build.

I was trying to use the TI02 method of burning images on tile. So far, no real joy there. I made up a few tiles and was waiting for the coating to dry, so I figured I’d try to setup the rotary attachment and get that working.

Took a little effort but it seemed to be working pretty good. I don’t remember making any real changes to the machine setup. The rotary has a limit switch on it for home position, so I didn’t even change that setting. (I did change the start position from absolute to user selected.

Done with that, so I go back to the tile tests. I loaded the material test grid and give it a go. Now, the test squares don’t go straight across the tile. Each successive test square, is maybe 1 to 2 mm higher than the previous. And the next row, is only 4 or 5 mm below the pervious, so it’s actually over writing the previous row.

So, I drew a 30mm x 30mm square, and it burns just right. I ran the test grid straight from the test generator window, and it’s nice and square, every square where it should be.

Ran the generated file again, and same thing. Walking right up the tile.

I ran that test file previously, before the rotary setup and it worked just fine (I needed a better TI02 coating though). So I know it worked before.

Not sure what would cause this. Sorry, no photo yet, it’s still burning another test, I haven’t let it get too far since you can tell right off it’s not working.

Any ideas?

If I’m following correctly, you’re only seeing this issue when you load saved GCode from a previous material test file? Was that created in LightBurn, or was it provided by the manufacturer, or some other source?

It’s possible rotary mode was enabled when you saved that GCode, so, even if it’s disabled now, that’s skewing the output.

I’m guessing created in LB. This is the test grid from RonClarke from the Ti02 thread.

I’m not sure if I saved it when I had the rotary going or not, doesn’t make sense to, I didn’t change it, so no need to save it. But anything is possible. I’ll try reloading a virgin image and see what it does, though I thought I had done that (I did reload it (and LB), but it may not be pristine).

Here’s a photo of what it’s doing. It’s ugly. Part of the ugliness is just the poor coating of the TI02.
You can see 4 rows of squares that did do correctly, that’s from the other day. That’s the only other thing on this tile. I did add a square box around the top text, so I would have a known good square.

Another odd thing is, it does each square by itself, most of them. About row 7, it did the whole row of squares at once, maybe 3 rows, then went back to each square again (which I didn’t see before because I never got that far).
But again, if you run the grid from the creation window, it’s fine.

Interesting - that is definitely not a test grid generated by LightBurn’s Material Test tool. And the strange skewing is not what I’d expect even if rotary mode were enabled when it was created. I would suspect some kind of mechanical issue, except you’re not seeing a problem with any other projects, correct?

I don’t know the exact thread you’re referring to, so if you can share link to that or share the file here, I can take a look at that. With that said, as long as the Material Test is working well for you, I think your best option is just to use that instead of this file.

Yeah, I have a LONG way to go on test grid stuff.

I did load a pristine copy of the file, and same thing.

Not sure what it is. I added that rectangle to it, and it does that correctly.
I downloaded another test grid file from OmTech, and so far, it seems to do that correctly (but it’s like this one, the graphic doesn’t seem to quite match the grid generator, not sure where all the layers are coming from, like I said, I have a long way to go there).

I’m sure it must have something to do with the rotary setup, but I can’t see anything.

The thread is Here . File is located about 75% down.

It “seems” to be working again. Not sure why though.

I noticed, that on the rotary setup window/page, the “Test” button still worked, even though the rotary was not enabled. So I changed the steps per revolution back to the machine settings (as opposed to the rotary setting). Just in case that had something to do with it.

And I also changed each row in the graphic, so that they would all fill at the same time as opposed to filling in each square as it’s made. (but it worked that way before, so…)

Then presto-change-o, it’s working. I wish I could say for sure what it was, but I can’t. Just chalk it up to more “spooky action at a distance” going on in this house (personally, I think the spirits that haunt this place, are trying to drive me insane).

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