SKR V1.4 firmware


past few weeks i been slapping together some aluminium extrusions and made a gantry style diode laser setup which works very nicely for now. (might upgrade later to lineair guiderails etc)
a collegae had a BTT SKR V1.4 commandboard laying around and told me if i could get it to work i could have it.
After some research i found out GRBL-LPC isn’t an option because of step/dir pins not being on the same port, so i ended up with marlin (didnt hear much great stories about it on here), or smoothieware.

the supplier Big Tech Tree doesnt have a smoothieware firmware available for the 1.4. and the 1.3 version isnt 1 on 1 ported to it cuz of other pinouts.

so my adventure went further towards compiling my own smoothieware firmware, but so far i haven’t came past installing the toolchain they advise, so this is the point where i hope someone on here might have a firmware compatible version of smoothieware available to share to save me some headache of learning new programming skills/compiling skills.

i saw some closed threads about it but cant reply / dont know if you can PM / Tag people on here.
the threads im refering to are:

^ i have downloaded the firmware version of this kind sir his gitlab and will try this out when my collegue passes me the board next week.

untill then im open to suggestions / help of any kind.


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