Small gaps where laser starts and stops each letter, any suggestions

I just got a new 100w co2 laser and I am getting small gaps in my work as seen in the picture. ANyone have any ideas what might cause this. Thanks!

This is one of the most common issues folks report for the Ruida controller. There is a threashold for firing the laser and that is controlled by the speed and power settings for that job.

Read here for a deeper understanding of this behavior.

Thank you so much, I will check into that

Increase the Min Power setting a bit - if you’re doing surface marking, it should be set just above the firing threshold of the machine. If you’re cutting slow, set Min and Max power the same.

Ok, I will do that, I never understood why there was a minimum power to begin with and I think I just ignored it. I will play around with that. Thank you so much.

Understand how this affects the firing of the laser will help not get under-burn or over-burn with direction changes.

Ok, I think I understand how that works, I will research it much more and do some more playing around. Using my other laser with a smoothie board, I didn’t seem to have to worry about it, I had never seen that happen before with that laser and I had never messed around with minimum power or understood what it was for, now I see how I can use it get a perfect setting dialed in. Thanks.

I get why my other one I didn’t have to worry about it. That is because it is greyed out when I am using the Smoothie board controlled laser compared to my new Ruida board controlled laser. Thanks everyone.
After changing the minimum from 0 to 10